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Performing Arts

Brought to you by Arts Incubator of Richardson (Texas). Each podcast features a guest artist in a Q&A format sharing about their art.


Recorded March 10, 2020 interviewing Kristian Donaldson

 105 AIR Time interviews Kristian Donaldson

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Recorded February 11, 2020 interviewing Elizabeth Ellis

 104 AIR Time interviews Elizabeth Ellis

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Recorded November 12, 2019 interviewing Kevin Sprague and Kyle Simmons

 103 AIR Time interviews Kevin Sprague and Kyle Simmons

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Recorded October 8, 2019 interviewing Michael Costanzi

 102 AIR Time interviews Michael Costanzi

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Recorded September 10, 2019 interviewing Keri and Brad Springs

 101 AIR Time interviews Keri and Brad Springs

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Recorded April 9, 2019 interviewing Mili Suleiman

96 AIR Time interviews Mili Suleiman

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Recorded March 12, 2019 interviewing Kathy Tran

 95 AIR Time interviews Kathy Tran

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Recorded February 12, 2019 interviewing Decee Cornish

 94 AIR Time interviews Decee Cornish

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Recorded November 13, 2018 interviewing Brianna Ruelas

 93 AIR Time interviews Brianna Ruelas

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Recorded October 15, 2018 interviewing Cat Miltenberger

 92 AIR Time interviews Cat Miltenberger

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Recorded September 11, 2018 interviewing Dennis Kratz

 91 AIR Time interviews Dennis Kratz

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Recorded April 17, 2018 interviewing Barbara Weinberger and Kurt Kleinman

86 AIR Time interviews Barbara Weinberger and Kurt Kleinman

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Recorded March 13, 2018 interviewing Chris Garcia

85 AIR Time interviews Chris Garcia

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Recorded February 20, 2018 interviewing Michael Gooden

84 AIR Time interviews Michael Gooden

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Recorded November 14, 2017 interviewing Paulette Martsolf and Jim Lively

 83 AIR Time interviews Paulette Martsolf and Jim Lively

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Recorded October 17, 2017 interviewing Chris Vognar: Arts and Culture Critic, Dallas Morning News
-Movie: NETWORK (1976)

 82 AIR Time interviews Chris Vognar

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Recorded September 20, 2017 interviewing Heather Ross and Edward Crafts, Directors of Opera in Concert —
in partnership with 2017 Richardson Reads One Book (Sing for Your Life) and Half Price Books


81 AIR Time interviews Heather Ross and Edward Crafts

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